Come Cucinare Vacherin Mont D’or?

Incidere la forma di Vacherin Mont d’Or DOP e creare una cavità, nella quale inserire il vino bianco. Salare e pepare a piacere. Richiudere la forma di formaggio, utilizzando la calotta tagliata precedentemente e avvolgerla in carta da forno bagnata e strizzata.

What is Vacherin Mont d’Or?

Vacherin Mont D’Or is perhaps one of the most sought-after cheeses on the market. A thermalized cow’s milk cheese wrapped in spruce to contain the woodsy liquid interior that, with one taste, commands spontaneous exuberance. Extremely rare and highly seasonal, Vacherin Mont d’Or hails from Switzerland on the border of France near the mountain D’Or.

How do you eat Vacherin Mont d’or?

It’s wrapped in spruce and squeezed into a round wooden box. So, now the season is here, what is the best way to eat Vacherin Mont d’Or? The Courtyard Dairy’s affineur, Andy Swinscoe, prefers to allow the Vacherin to warm up to room temperature, then spoon it from the box and let it ooze onto a cheese plate.

How do you cook Vacherin Mont d’or cheese?

Bake the Vacherin Mont d’Or for 15-20 minutes, remove from the oven, unwrap the foil, remove the box lid, and serve. Take turns to dip the bread or potatoes straight into the bubbling, hot cheese and enjoy! Buy Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese online here.

What is Mont d’or cheese?

Called “the holy grail of raw milk cheeses”, Mont d’Or (also called Vacherin Mont d’Or, and Vacherin Haut-Doubs) is truly a spectacular cheese. And even though they’re widely available in the winter in France, because of their richness, it’s something I reserve for special occasions. For me, that special occasion was lunch yesterday.