When Was The Pizza Bomber?

The infamous pizza bomber narrative is as explosive as it sounds–although filled with more twists and turns than actual pizza. The crime went down in 2003, when a pizza delivery man was jumped, fitted with a collar that he was told was a bomb, and sent on a bizarre scavenger hunt that involved robbing a bank.
The Bizarre Real-Life Story of the Pizza Guy Who Robbed a Bank with a Bomb Around His Neck. On Aug. 28, 2003, a 46-year-old pizza delivery man strutted into a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania, armed with a shotgun modified to look like a walking cane and handed the teller a note demanding $250,000 in cash.
Pizza Bomber. On August 28, 2003, in the suburbs of Erie, Pennsylvania, a pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells robbed a bank with a time bomb locked around his neck.

What happened to the pizza bomber?

Following an attempt to rob a PNC Bank, and while surrounded by police, Wells was murdered when an explosive collar locked to his neck detonated. It is known as the ‘collar bomb’ or ‘pizza bomber’ case.

Did a pizza delivery man Rob a bank with a bomb collar?

One such case certainly would have to be the time a pizza delivery man robbed a bank with a bomb collar around his neck, which has launched one of the weirdest unsolved crimes there is.

Who was the architect of the pizza bomber plot?

Rothstein, believed to be an architect of the pizza bomber plot, died of cancer on July 30, 2004. He was 60. He was Rothstein’s roommate. In August 2003, Stockton was hiding out with Rothstein while Stockton was on the run from prosecution in Washington state.

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When was the collar bomb heist?

Wells worked as a pizza delivery driver at the Mama Mia’s Pizzeria in Erie for ten years before his death. Just after 1:30 p.m. on August 28, 2003, the pizzeria received a call from a payphone at a nearby gas station.

Who put the bomb on the pizza guy?

On August 23, 2003, Pennsylvania resident Brian Wells delivered his last pizza. At the location of his delivery, Wells allegedly was coerced into strapping an explosive around his neck with instructions to complete four tasks in exchange for his life.

Is collar bomb a true story?

WIRED tells the story of the strangest heist ever, starting when a man walked into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck.

What year was the Erie pizza bomber?

Friday marks 17 years since the pizza bomber case unfolded and claimed the life of pizza delivery driver Brian Wells. Police stopped Wells on upper Peach St. on Aug. 28, 2003 after he robbed the PNC Bank.

Is Floyd Stockton still alive?

Floyd A.

Stockton was convicted in the rape case but received immunity in the pizza bomber case. He was scheduled to testify at trial against Diehl-Armstrong but suffered a stroke during the trial, in federal court in Erie, in 2010, and never took the stand. Stockton, 70, is believed to be living in Washington state.

Why did nobody help Brian Wells?

It could be because he was in on the plot, and he didn’t want to snitch on his co-conspirators. It’s also possible, however, that he feared he was being watched and, had he snitched, his co-conspirators would have detonated the bomb. — According to Case File, Wells also had a history of at least some violence.

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Did Jessica hoopsick get charged?

Jessica E. Hoopsick, 39, was arrested in Erie County this week after District Judge Chris Flanigan of Greensburg issued a bench warrant when she failed to appear at a July 26 hearing. Authorities brought her to Westmoreland County on Friday.

Is 30 minutes or less a true story?

The answer to this is, No, 30 Minutes Or Less is not based on a true story. However, the story does strike a resemblance to a bank robbery. A report in US Weekly reveals that on August 28, 2003, a pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells robbed a PNC Bank in Erie, Pennsylvania.

What is a necklace bomb?

Also known as a necklace bomb, a collar bomb is essentially a device constructed to hold explosives around the victim’s neck, sometimes using a collar which may be made of metal or plastic.

Where was Collar Bomb shot?

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Who was Ken Barnes?

One of the co-conspirators who was serving time for his role in the 2003 pizza collar bomb heist that claimed the life of Brian Wells has died. Kenneth Barnes, 65, passed away Thursday at the Federal Medical Center at Butner, North Carolina.

Who is Bill Rothstein?

He built the bomb that killed Brian Wells.

The FBI found bomb-making materials in Rothstein’s home. Officials believe he made the bomb using items in his home, as to not have to buy anything and leave a trail. A man with that level of intelligence certainly had the skills needed.

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How long did the pizza bomber case take to investigate?

The pizza bomber case took more than seven years to investigate and prosecute, with FBI Special Agent Jerry Clark as the lead investigator. Here is a synopsis of some of the events in the probe, based on court records and other sources, and as compiled by Ed Palattella for the Erie Times-News.